Showreel (2016)

Full Games

Typefighters (2014 - 2016)

Competitive typing game containing a wide variety of game modes, using the Steam API for matchmaking.

Technologies: C#, Unity
TypefightersAvailable on Steam


CoopTris (2010 - 2011)

Cooperative action-puzzler in 3D, mixing online and local multiplayer.

Technologies: C++, OpenGL, Qt


SweeperVS (2008)

Networked multiplayer game inspired by Minesweeper.

Technologies: Java


Raspberry Pi Car (2021 - 2022)

Remotely controlled Lego car with real time video transmission.

Technologies: C++, OpenGL, Kore, libav, Python
Raspberry Pi Car


Tank You Very Much! (2018 - 2019)

Team-based tank game using rollback netcode.

Technologies: C++, OpenGL, Kore
Tank You Very Much!


Structural Integrity (2015 - 2016)

Cooperative action-puzzler in which the players must patch up a tower.

Technologies: Haxe, WebGL, GLSL, Kha; C++, OpenGL, Kore
Structural Integrity


Communication Breakdown (2016)

Real-time strategy game in which the transmission of commands is a major part of the challenge.

Technologies: Haxe, Kha
Communication Breakdown


L.I.N.K.ed (2013 - 2014)

Cooperative top-down shooter in which the players must protect the links drawn between them.

Technologies: C#, Unity


TypeCraft (2011 - 2012)

Lane-based strategy game using typing mechanics.

Technologies: StarCraft II Editor


Multiplayer Adventure (2011)

Point-and-click adventure with cooperative multiplayer.

Technologies: C#, StoryTec
Multiplayer Adventure


VSTris (2009)

Multiplayer action-puzzler in which players share the playing field.

Technologies: Java

Tech Demos & Tools

Multiplayer Example (2016)

Tech demo showing a combination of reliable and unreliable networking supplemented by client prediction.

Technologies: C++, Kore
Multiplayer ExampleSourcecode available on GitHub


Particles (2016)

Tech demo showing a data-oriented particle system.

Technologies: C++, OpenGL, Kore
ParticlesSourcecode available on GitHub


Instanced Rendering Example (2015 - 2016)

Tech demo for instanced rendering.

Technologies: C++, OpenGL, Kore; Haxe, WebGL, Kha
Instanced Rendering ExampleSourcecode available on GitHub


StoryTec (2011 - 2016)

Editor for point-and-click adventures, accompanied by a cross-platform- and a debug-player.

Technologies: C#, WPF; Haxe, Kha

Game Jam Entries

Lightmare (2017)

A 2D game where the light from your flashlight is your only weapon - but its power is finite.

Technologies: C++, Kore
LightmareSourcecode available on GitHub


It Came from the Dessert (2016)

Ants are taking over your kitchen, use pizza to lure them into objects to kill them.

Technologies: C++, Kore
It Came from the Dessert


Tank You! (2016)

Strategy game in which you must prevent your units from getting too experienced.

Technologies: C++, Kore
Tank You!Sourcecode available on GitHub


Khajak (2016)

Boat racing game with unconventional rowing controls.

Technologies: Haxe, Kha
KhajakSourcecode available on GitHub


Personal Growth (2015)

Story-based adventure game about life lessons.

Technologies: StoryTec
Personal Growth


10up: Blupp the Gruesome (2015)

Turn-based local multiplayer game in which one player has to hide among several autonomous NPCs.

Technologies: Haxe, Kha
10up: Blupp the GruesomeSourcecode available on GitHub


Trope Raider (2015)

Action-adventure in which some of your favourite video game tropes are subverted.

Technologies: C#, Unity
Trope Raider


ConnGame (2014)

Text-adventure connecting all other games created at our game jam location.

Technologies: C#, Unity


Clash of Duty: Medieval Warfare (2014)

Multiplayer strategy about probing the enemy units' properties.

Technologies: C#, Unity
Clash of Duty: Medieval Warfare


A-Maze-Thing (2013)

First-person exploration game with randomly generated mazes and an unreliable radar.

Technologies: C#, Unity