10up: Blupp the Gruesome

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Ludum Dare 33
August 21rd-24th 2015
Theme: You are the monster
Entry page: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=57941

Controls: Arrow keys or WASD for movement, e to use.
[IMPORTANT: For the best experience play the game with another player, but do not look at the monitor during his / her turn.]

This game is a turn-based real-time detective-thriller for two players. One player is Blupp the Gruesome, victim of a gruesome experiment. Being a normal worker at day, he searches for parts of an dimensional cannon at night in order to return to his home planet.
[Tip: As Blupp the Gruesome, investigate bookshelves and computers in order to find clues on how to reach that goal.]

The other player plays as Mr. S. In his youth he was a vicitm of these experiments himself (see 10Up: Mountain Brew), but nevertheless became a valueable member of the 10up special unit (see 10Up). After hearing from the newest experiments (see 10Up: Unity) he is determined to put the newest victim to rest.
[Tip: As Mr. S observe all workers and their surroundings in order to identify the victim.]

Created by Augusto Garcia, Ingo Jakobs, Martin Konrad, Robert Konrad and Christian Reuter
at TU Darmstadt, Multimedia Communications Lab (http://www.kom.tu-darmstadt.de)